Mackay Beavers

Leaders:  Fiona Meikle: 07709 920638

Assistant Leader: Dave Craig: 07709 920638

Assistant Leader: Lynn Kearns: 07792 586520

Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm

Reminder to parents...

* Please send your child with a bottle of water on games night.

* Subscription - if you have still to pay you can do this by handing in cash or cheque

to us at the hall.

* Contact details - If you have just joined us or changed your contact information.

Scout subs 2017/18

Welcome back to all our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and parents and particularly to all of those joining the worldwide family of Scouts for the first time. We are all looking forward to another exciting Scouting year ahead of us.




Attached is the 2017/18 subscription notice and Gift Aid Form. The annual fee for all sections remains unchanged at £100. This breaks down roughly as £30 to national Scout HQ, £30 to sections and £40 for hall maintenance,  running costs and improvement works.



Personal Information form.xls
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Subs GA form 2017 18.xls
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Subs letter 2017F.doc
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Once again, as you will see we have an exciting programme planned. Although we are lucky enough to have 3 leaders we can always do with a bit of extra help especially on trips. We need more adults when we want to go outside or on a trip (ratio 1 adult:6 children) so would appreciate if you could drop us an e-mail if you would be willing to help.



Please ensure that all Beavers wear full uniform including neckies every week.  Each lodge has a different colour woggle to show which lodges the Beavers are in.



Sessions are often very energetic so we would encourage all Beavers to bring along water in a container clearly marked with their names.


Why not see what our boys and girls get up to in the many pictures throughout our beavers

20th Glasgow (1st Milngavie) Scouts

Scout Hall
37 Main Street
G62 6BX

Charity Number SCO16410